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Pipe plugs

With a Janssen Riotech pipe plug, you work safely and efficiently on the sewer. Our wide range includes various balloon plugs, flexible plugs, and discs plugs of the Dutch top brand Lansas. We have a suitable solution for every pipe size. Moreover, all pipe plugs are thoroughly tested, 100% safe, and durable in use.

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Balloon Pipe plugs
Flexible pipe plugs
Discs plugs

Specialist in pipe plugs

Specialist in sewer valves 

Shutting off sewers can be a challenge. How much pressure will be behind the sewer valve, will the pipe plugs? Critical questions that are important in finding the right pipe plugs.

Janssen Riotech can answer all your questions. We like to think along with you, so that you will receive the most suitable pipe plugs. Our warehouse contains pipe plugs in all shapes and sizes. So we can always offer a solution. In addition, our own drivers ensure fast delivery at a competitive price.

Of course, you can expect the pipe plugs to be checked, tested and safe before you start working with them. We guarantee the safety of professionals within the infrastructure sector and, with our products, are increasingly contributing to making the sector more sustainable.

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