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Why safety instructions at pipe plugs?

Preventive measures

Safety instructions are one of the most important preventive measures the employer has to take in order to inform the employee about the risks at the workplace. They should be not only general safety instructions but also specific safety instructions that relate to the actual work done by the employee.

Life-threatening situations

You can take many safety-increasing measures, but that is sometimes not enough. In particular, the dangers lurking behind activities that are increasingly carried out on automatic pilot can lead to life-threatening situations. This also applies to working with pipe plugs.

Safety instructions for pipe plugs

To prevent these dangerous situations we have made a safety card. This is a manual with short instructions on how to use our pipe plugs safely. Our drivers give this card with every delivery.

The cards can be kept in the bus or shed and in this way they encourage professionals to work safely and make them more aware of the dangers involved in working with pipe plugs.

Receive a card

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