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About us

With 50+ years of expertise and experience in sewerage technology we can tell you everything about the application possibilities of our pipe plugs. We offer balloon pipe plugs, flexible pipe plugs and disc plugs. An expert solution for every question.

Need expert advice?

As niche experts, we continue to distinguish ourselves with specialist advice and continuous innovation. In both standard products and specials. We are your reliable partner with knowledge of and solutions for daily practice.

That is what makes Janssen Riotech a first-class product specialist in sewerage technology.

Curious about the people behind Janssen Riotech?


From local contractor to cross-border rental specialist in pipe plugs and other equipment. Janssen Riotech is growing fast. In knowledge and experience, but also in employees and locations.

Our Beliefs


As an international player in the field of sewer specialization, we want to make a valuable contribution to the socio-economic system. We focus on the rental of qualitatively tested products so that the safety of professionals in the infrastructure sector is guaranteed and we contribute increasingly to making the sector more sustainable.


To do everything in our power to enable professionals in the infrastructure sector to carry out sewerage work safely, efficiently, and sustainably.