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Cone pipe plug with bypass

The cone pipe plug is suitable for sealing round, oval, and rectangular profiles. A bypass situation can thus be created. It is, however, very important that the dimensions of the locking cylinder correspond to the dimensions of the profile, especially with rectangular profiles.

We can give you expert advice on the plug to be used. This type of plug is made of neoprene rubber. Neoprene rubber is more resistant to oil than natural rubber.

All cone pipe plugs are supplied complete with solid chain, air hose (with an auto plug or Koga coupling 1"), and pressure gauge control set with pressure relief plug (from size 300/800 mm). All shut-off cylinders are supplied with 3 or 5 m chains and air hose and a pressure gauge control set with relief plug. We can fit an extra filling hose or chain on request. The price per extra meter of filling hose or chain is € 1.50 per meter. This is a one-off extra charge regardless of the length of the rental.

If handled and installed correctly, these cone pipe plugs can be used for many applications, both in standard pipes and pipes with a relining.

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Ref. JRT Description Max. filling pressure
application range
Transit PVC pipe
Rental rate
A006-0400 FBAC neopr. Ø 400/800 mm 1 14 1000 500/800 250     € 247,00
A006-0600 FBAC neopr. Ø 600/1200 mm 1 29 1400 800/1200


€ 413,00
A006-0800 FBAC neopr.Ø 800/1700 mm 1 50 1800 1000/1700 500 € 530,00
A006-1500 FBAC neopr. Ø 1500/2600 mm (1) 1 80 2300 1800/2600 600 € 1.446,00

(1): Delivery time in consultation/on request. We reserve the right to rent these sizes of cone pipe plug with service. In this case, the personnel costs (hours, accommodation, and travel expenses) will be charged.
(2): Mounting of additional sealing rubber possible (one-time costs).
(3): Attention! Cone pipe plug always loses pressure at the seams, on average 0.2 bar at 16 hours.

ATTENTION: These plugs are delivered without PVC pipe. These are available at extra cost and in consultation.