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The Circum MINI stainless steel rehabilitation sleeve is an internal pipe sleeve which has been technically approved by the DIBt (German Institute for Structural Engineering). It is positioned over the damage using a packer and then pressed against the pipe walls. Enlarging the stainless steel sleeve presses the EPDM seal against the pipe walls and permanently seals the site of lesion.

Advantages of the Circum MINI:

  • DIBt approval
  • Patented external lock 
  • No protruding obstacles
  • Packer-protecting
  • Fully fitted and ready to mount
  • Free from environmentally harmful lubricants
  • Internal pressure tested up to 16 Bar

Longitudinal cracks, radial cracks, leaky pipe connections, missing wall sections, closing of unused laterals, replacing missing formwork behind inliners, part formation.

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Circum LEM DN 150


Circum LEM DN 200


Circum LEM DN 250


Circum LEM DN 300


Circum LEM DN 400