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The SSTD system can prevent accidents in sewers caused by pipe plugs and/or risks with increased back pressure.

The SSTD safety case always registers the filling pressure of the connected sewer valve. In addition, the back pressure in the pipe behind the pipe plug can also be measured. If the pre-set limit values are exceeded, you will be warned via an SMS or e-mail. The safety case will also generate a visual/
acoustic alarm. All values are automatically stored in the Cloud. From there, simple reports can be generated for each parameter.

Because the online system is in the Cloud, no special software is required. The Cloud environment is easily accessible and works on any smartphone, tablet or computer. Each user has access to his project via our web portal. Through their own specific login, the project is visible.



Technische specificaties

Technical specifications:

  • Integrated compressor (refilling);
  • Double pressure sensor 0-10 bar/0-145;
  • Battery 12V;
  • Visual and acoustic alarm;
  • Robust waterproof protective case Peli with wheels, pressure resistant and dustproof;
  • Power cord 220V - length 5 m/16.4 ft;
  • Gauges in case;
  • Control unit with international SIM card;
  • Accurate GPS sensor;
  • Dedicated website with personal login;
  • Permanent logging and verification;
  • Alarm values can be defined individually;
  • Remote alarm on smartphone or tablet.