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Reliable and safe.

25 May 2020

Did you know that we test all our materials extensively before they leave our premises? This way you are assured of well-functioning and safe pipe stoppers.

The pressure gauge and filling hose are also part of our test and safety protocol. The pressure gauge set clearly indicates the maximum filling pressure. That is why the pipe stopper and pressure gauge set form one inextricable whole.

After the test protocol has been completed and the sewer valve has been approved, it is provided with an OK label with the test date and name. The delivery of a tested pipe stoppers provides certainty about the material.

But is the pipe stopper also suitable for the situation in which you want to apply it? Janssen Riotech has a wealth of knowledge and experience and knows better than anyone which pipe stopper is best and safest for your project. Our expertise has been gained in projects of all sizes, in the most diverse markets and application areas.

That know-how is also available to you. Because at Janssen Riotech, working together also means sharing knowledge. 

Your safety is our motivation.