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BERAT double band 900 mm


This fixed double band pipe stopper (type BERAT) is suitable for pipe diameter Ø900 mm and is available in steel. These pipe stoppers are equipped with a double reinforced original Lansas belt. The maximum filling pressure of this pipe stopper is 6 bar. They are very suitable to close sewers where there is a relatively high back pressure on the valve and where people have to work safely behind it. Thanks to the solid construction, this pipe stopper offers a high degree of safety. The BERAT can easily handle a back pressure of 2.0 bar, if properly supported.

All sewer valves are supplied with 3 or 5 metres of chain, air hose and manometer control set with vent cock.

Other dimensions or divisible BERATs are available on request.

Combine the BERAT with the SSTD safety case for even more security!